Project 'OORAA'

The word 'Gurmukhi' literally means from the mouth of the Guru. Gurmukhi has some similarities to older Indian scripts of the times, but it's thirty five characters and vowel modifiers were standardized by Guru Angad Dev ji. Rather than use the Hindu scripts such as Sanskrit, Guru Angad Dev ji chose to make a new script the standard for the Sikhs. Sanskrit was only restricted to the priestly Hindu class, but the Gurus did not believe in this elitism. Guru Angad Devji spent his lifetime teaching the Gurmukhi script to the common people of Punjab. Gurmukhi is not only used by Sikhs but by Hindus as well as Muslims living in Punjab to represent their common spoken language, Punjabi. Sikhs are expected to make an effort at learning the Gurmukhi script and teaching it to their children in order to read the Guru Granth Sahib in its original written form. Lets relearn GURMUKHI & revive our primary roots with the Guru. PUNJABI PADHO, PUNJABI LIKHO, PUNJABI BOLO, PUNJABI SIKHO.